Software Development

Companies come in all shapes and sizes, with a wide range of objectives and backgrounds.

One size does not fit all. Sometimes, you may use a packaged software solution and sometimes, bespoke solutions could be your way forward. In both cases, you will require software experts to develop custom solutions, or build new modules around off-the-shelf software.

We go all out to understand your business requirements to provide you with solutions that fit your needs and gives you excellent return on investments.

Our Process:

• Requirement gathering
• Prototyping
• Iterative development (Agile methods)
• User acceptance testing
• Deployment & Maintenance

Our cutting-edge tools:

• Web Application Development: Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Python, WordPress
• Frontend Technologies: ReactJS, Html5, CSS3, JavaScript
• Desktop Applications: ElectronJS, Filemaker Pro
• Mobile Application Development: Cross platform (React-native), Android & iOS
• Databases: MySql, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, PouchDB, CouchDB, GraphDB